BikeDork Game - Latest News

It is Vuelta time and we are getting the start lists uploaded. You can start putting together your teams shortly. Also, there will be a couple of changes to the scoring and the way we keep track of trades. Previously, all trades before the first stage were "free", and you then had 20 trades left to use during the game. We have now changed the system so that you get 35 trades which include trades made before the first stage as well as trades made during the race. If you always loaded up with 15 riders before the first stage, then it will effectively be the same. However, you can now hold back trades initially, or enter the race after the first stage with a greater number of trades to hopefully use to your advantage. So consider this in your strategy.

The other changes will be mostly in scoring where we have increased the prize for stage wins, reduced the day-to-day bonus for jersey holders, and adjusted the breakaway bonuses to ideally reward more riders that attempt to stay out front. The exact details will be updated in the rules shortly. Changes will be marked in red.

Good Luck ... OwenSicily